I am on a mission to make technology human-friendly. My passion for human centred design and diverse problem solving experience led me to User Experience design. I am always open to design challenges so feel free to get in touch.




getting to the heart of the problem

I use effective research techniques to gain a deep understanding of the user and the problem. I extract findings that help inform design decisions and create metrics to measure a project's success.

Skills:  user interviews / survey design / contextual inquiry / competitive analysis / heuristic evaluation / research synthesis

Prototype, test, learn
(and repeat)

I efficiently design paper prototypes and digital prototypes in Axure, Invision and Balsamiq. I test them with real users and stakeholders to learn what needs to change. By repeating this process I get to the right solution quickly.

Skills: user flows / wireframing / usablility testing
Tools: Axure / Sketch / Invision / Balsamiq / POP

Document and deliver
communicating the findings comprehensively 

I create documents that clearly demonstrate findings from research and outline other possible areas for investigation. I prioritise problem and solution to hand over smart effective deliverables within project deadlines.

a visual way to solve problems

I love to use drawings at different stages of the design process. It helps explain complex problems to stakeholders and communicate the solution in an engaging way.

If you would like to see my UX skills at work, please feel to check out my case studies.

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